L'amore di Don Perlimplino con Belisa nel giardino

chamber opera in two acts with an intermezzo (1985-86)
libretto by Maria Gabriella Zen based on the homonym theatrical play by Federico García Lorca 
duration: about 50' 
singers: 3S. 1Ms. 1C. 1T.
detailed orchestra: 3 perc.- celesta - harp - strings (  

work shortlisted for the Internationaler Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Wettbewerb für Kammeropern 1986 of the Staatsoper Dresden Semperoper

En autò

Ballet music
for: mezzosoprano (vocalizations), percussions and string quartet 
Perc.: glockenspiel, vibrafono, xilofono, triangolo, tamburello basco, piatto splash sospeso, piatto chiodato, gong, tam-tam. 3 tom tom, tamburo, grancassa
duration: about 47’ 
commission: VenetoBalletto, Padova 
publisher: Agenda Edizioni, Monte San Pietro (BO) 2015
Suite from the ballet recorded at Condulmer Studio in Mogliano Veneto (TV) in November 1989
Michela Remor - mezzosoprano, Ensemble Octandre
Audio available in the general section CATALOG OF WORKS

Il frutto diviso (Butterfly rivisitata)

Libretto: Boris Stetka
musical tragedy for: 2 sopranos, 1 alto, 1 tenor, 1 actor, 1 actress, mixed chorus and chamber orchestra
duration: around 60'  
detailed instrumentation: 2 perc.- harp - celesta - strings also divided (

Il paggio saggio

theatrical action for children
text: "STO" (Sergio Tofano) 
for: narrator, soloist white voice,  white voices choir and children orchestra
duration: about 50'
detailed instrumentation: (possible doubling) - (possible doubling) - many percussionists  (celesta, xilophone, vibraphone, 4 timpani, triangle, 2 drums, 5 tin drums, 4 horses hoofs, suspended cymbal, gong, bass drum) - harp - piano - strings (no double - bass)


Performance for walking public
Multimedial route for Percussions, Action Painting and Projectors
for: percussions (free choice) 
duration: about 45’ 
commission: Teatro a l'Avogaria, Venezia
first performance: Venezia, Corte Zappa, Carmini bell tower and Teatro a l’Avogaria, 24/5/1995 
performers: Annunziata Dellisanti – percussions, Flavio Bertini - action painting, Gianfranco Iannuzzi - images and direction

Chronos parádoksos

opera in two acts (2007-2009, rev. 2010) 
Libretto by Gianfranco de Bosio and Maria Gabriella Zen, GIACOMO MATTEOTTI PRIZE 2012 of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
duration: 1h 45'
singers:  2S, 2Ms, 2C, 2T, 2Bar.,2B. The 12 Soloists are also in the Chorus
detailed instrumentation: 2(also pic. and Bfl.).2 (Engl. horn).2(clB).2(cfg).- 2 (+ 2 ad lib. in 3° Episodio).2(also in do).1(+2 ad lib. in 3° Episodio).1. - 4 perc.- piano (also celesta) - harp - strings also divided ( 
dedication: Alla memoria dei miei Genitori, Giovanna Luminoso e Giovanni Zen, in omaggio alla Loro profonda cultura e alla Loro dirittura morale

Chronos par
ádoksos is the fruit of RESTLESS RELATIONS project, winner of the EACEA (European Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) call n°09/2006 of UE Cultural Programme 2007-2013 for a new opera choosing as a theme "the transmission of the European cultural identity" 
PhD thesis published in open access Ca' Foscari University site

Pdf of the libretto & full score and review by Mario Messinis (24th of October 2009) available in the general section CATALOG OF WORKS

In the section VIDEO are available the award ceremony of Matteotti Prize (Press Room of Palazzo Chigi, Rome 17th of October 2012) and a scenic reading (Actors of Accademia Teatrale Veneta, adaptation and direction by Nicoletta Maragno, Venezia 23rd of May 2017)  

Il Regno dei Fanes

text by Maria Gabriella Zen from Ladin legends and letters from the war front (1915-1917) by Giuseppe and Eugenio Garrone 
video by Margot Galante Garrone from photos by Giuseppe, Eugenio Garrone and Luigi Galante 
for: narrator, soprano, flute/bass flute and two percussionists 
perc.: vibraphone, marimba, 1 pedal drum 29' with 3 heavy bells 11', 9', 7' on the membrane or 3 small  splash cymbals, wind chimes (possibly two rows), suspended cymbals, tam-tams and gongs as deep as possible (at least 3 available to each percussionist but, if possible, even more)
duration: 25'
dedication: a Rita e Renzo De Girolami e al loro maso ospitale  
first performance: Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 22/1/2010 
performers: Savino Liuzzi - narrator, Orsola Bollettini – soprano, Francesca Cescon – flute/bass flute, Kiki Dellisanti and Andrea Dal Bianco – percussions