Sonetto contra la moglie

text: Francesco Berni
for: four equal voices choir 
duration: about 5' 
(sent -vainly- to the 6th "Guido d'Arezzo" International Competition Contest)

Tropo di Maggio

text: freely adapted from the poem Maggio by Roberto Mussapi
for: soprano, flute, trumpet, piano, cello and percussions (1 large suspended cymbal, 2 hand cymbals)  
duration: about 7' 
"Gigi Ongaro Prize" 1981 - Conservatory of Music of Padua


for: piano 
duration: about 4' 
first performance: Final Concert of Composition Masterclasses held by Franco Donatoni, Adriano Guarnieri and Roy Zimmerman at Fondazione Cini in Venezia and Palazzo Casali at Cortona  (March-June 1983)
Cortona, Palazzo Casali, 9/7/1983
performer: Maria Isabella De Carli

Invenzione a due voci

for: flute and Bb clarinet
duration: about 7' 
first performance: Final Concert of Composition Masterclass (Professor Franco Donatoni) at Accademia Musicale Chigiana of Siena, Palazzo Chigi Saracini 18/8/1983 
performers: Aldo Sisillo - flute, Giovanni Picciati - Bb clarinet

Composition chosen to represent the City of Siena at the Concert de Jumelage AVIGNON - SIENNE
Avignon, Salle Benoît XII, 3rd of December 1983 

L'amore di Don Perlimplino con Belisa nel giardino

chamber opera in two acts with an intermezzo (1985-86)
libretto by Maria Gabriella Zen based on the homonym theatrical play by Federico García Lorca 
duration: about 50' 
singers: 3S. 1Ms. 1C. 1T.
detailed orchestra: 3 perc.- celesta - harp - strings (  

work shortlisted for the Internationaler Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Wettbewerb für Kammeropern 1986 of the Staatsoper Dresden Semperoper

En autò

Ballet music
for: mezzosoprano (vocalizations), percussions and string quartet 
duration: about 47’ 
commission: VenetoBalletto, Padova 
publisher: Agenda Edizioni, Monte San Pietro (BO) 2015
Suite from the ballet recorded at Condulmer Studio in Mogliano Veneto (TV) in November 1989
Michela Remor - mezzosoprano, Ensemble Octandre


(XI Variations from the incidental music for Echi di Babele, directed by Boris Stetka) 
for: viola
duration: about 17’  
first performance: Conservatoire National de Musique et d'Art Chorégraphique de Rabat (Morocco), 20/2/1992
performers: Students of Prof. Maurizio Barbetti Viola Masterclass "Stage sur l'alto contemporaine" 17-21 Febraury 1992
publisher: Agenda Edizioni, Monte San Pietro (BO), 1991 - Nuova Edizione 2019, score with CD attached
audio: recorded at Condulmer Studio in Mogliano Veneto (TV) in July 1989
viola: Giovanni Petrella

Con lievi mani (otto haiku)

for: small orchestra 
duration: about 13' 
detailed instrumentation: 1.1.2(clB).0.- - pedal drums - celesta - harp - strings

Il frutto diviso (Butterfly rivisitata)

Libretto by Boris Stetka
musical tragedy for: 2 sopranos, 1 alto, 1 tenor, 1 actor, 1 actress, mixed chorus and chamber orchestra
duration: about 60'  
detailed instrumentation: 2 perc.- harp - celesta - strings also divided (


text: from The Book of Job 
for: soprano, alto, mixed chorus and orchestra
duration: about 22’ 
detailed instrumentation:  3(picc.).2.2.2.- - 3 perc.- harp - divided strings (

Sette Cori

texts: fragments from Medea by Euripides
for: mixed choir
duration: about 10’

Sette scherzetti

for: flute and harp
duration: about 9’ 
first performance: Dinant (France), Palais des Congrés, 27/4/1990
performers: Monica Finco - flute, Maria Pia Toso - harp
publisher: Agenda Edizioni, Monte San Pietro (BO) 2019 - score with attached CD

Chiarina (Hommage à Schumann)

for: solo flute 
duration: about 3' 
dedication: a Chiara Gayatrii Dolcini 
first performance:  "Arte Donna" - Lido di Venezia, Casinò Municipale, 30/11/2001 
performer: Chiara Gayatrii Dolcini


for: marimba (and voice of the performer ad libitum)
text: the verbal forms "Forget, forgot, forgotten" 
duration: about 5'
commission: riPERCUSSIONI - II Rassegna 
first performance: Venezia, Scuola dei Calegheri, 18/1/1992
performer: Annunziata (Kiki) Dellisanti - marimba and voice

Il paggio saggio

theatrical action for children
text: "STO" (Sergio Tofano)
for: narrator, soloist white voice,  white voices choir and children orchestra
duration: about 50'
detailed instrumentation: (possible doubling) - (possible doubling) - many percussionists - harp - piano - strings (no doublebass)


for: string quartet
duration: about 19’ 
first performance: Venezia, Teatro La Fenice, 27/3/1993
performers: Arditti String Quartet

No words song

for: soprano, alto and two chamber ensembles
duration: 7'30''
detailed instrumentation:
- 1st ensemble (horn, harp, large suspended cymbal, string quartet) 
- 2nd ensemble (flute, vibraphone, 4 Thai gongs, bass drum, string quartet)

Cinque studi per chitarra

(from the incidental music for Il Ventaglio by Carlo Goldoni directed by Andrea Dosio, 1991)
for: guitar
duration: about 9’ 
commission: Sonopolis-Teatro la Fenice 1st Edition
dedication: a Dario Bisso
first performance: Venezia, Teatro a l'Avogaria, 16/10/1992
performer: Dario Bisso

Il ventaglio cinese

5 pieces for guitar from the stage music for The fan  by Carlo Goldoni directed by Andrea Dosio (1991)
duration: about 5'
First performance: Rovigo, Chiesa della "Rotonda" 4th of July 1992
Piero Bonaguri - guitar

Invenzione a due

for: marimba and vibraphone 
duration: about 5’  
commission: riPERCUSSIONI - III Rassegna
first performance: Venezia, Sala San Leonardo, 30/11/1992
performers: Annunziata Dellisanti – vibraphone, Roberto Barbieri - marimba


for: dobachi, vibraphone and deep gong 
duration: 4’30” 
commission: Sonopolis-Teatro La Fenice 1st Edition
first performance: Mestre, Teatro del Parco Bissuola, 23/5/1992
performer: Annunziata (Kiki) Dellisanti – percussions

Seven Songs

text: poems by Emily Dickinson
for: soprano and orchestra 
duration: 12’  
detailed instrumentation: 3.(3° also Picc.) 4.2.2. - 4 perc. - celesta - 2 harps - divided strings

Sono lunghe le estati delle Esperidi

for: flute, glockenspiel, antique cymbals and vibraphone 
duration: about 7’ 
commission: riPERCUSSIONI - II Rassegna
first performance: Venezia, Scuola dei Calegheri, 18/1/1992
performers: Monica Finco - flute, Annunziata (Kiki) Dellisanti - percussions

Trio Grave

for: viola, cello and double bass 
duration: about 15’ 
first performance:"Nuove Musiche d'Europa - VIII Edition" Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 9/6/2012
performers: Alfredo Zamarra - viola, Francesco Ferrarini – cello, Stefano Pratissoli – double bass

Cinque Lieder

text: fragments from poems by Zbigniew Herbert
for: soprano, grand piano and percussions 
duration: 10'  
commission: Sonopolis-Teatro La Fenice 2nd Edition
first performance: Venezia, Palazzo Mocenigo, 8/12/1993 
performers: Antonella Ferroni – soprano, Caterina Marcuglia – piano, Annunziata Dellisanti - percussions


text: The Book of Psalms 
for: solo soprano 
duration: about 13’ 
shortlisted in the "Olympia International Composition Prize 1993" of Athens
In 2003 Prof. Dr. Ute Büchter-Römer (Humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät der Universität zu Köln) studied Salmi  in her article Kompositionen für Stimme zeitgenössischer italienischer Komponistinnen published in n° 66 of the review Viva Voce

Woher und wohin?

text: Simon Frug
for: soprano, baritone and orchestra
duration: 11' 
detailed instrumentation: 3(alto).2.4(clB, clCB).1(cfg) - - 4 perc. - celesta - 2 harps - divided strings (

Woher und wohin?

text: Simon Frug
for: mezzosoprano, alto flute, clarinet in Bb, 2 percussionists (vibraphone, marimba, tam-tam and then both on grand piano without cover)
with hypothesis of Live Electronics 
duration: about 15’ 
commission: Contempo Ensemble founded and conducted by Stefano Bassanese

Elegía del recuerdo imposible

(upon the homonymous poem by Jorge Luis Borges)
for: recorder (Ganassi) or flute and marimba
duration: about 9’ 
commission: KulturBrauerei, Berlin
first performance: Berlin, Kesselhaus in der KulturBrauerei, 17/9/1994 
performers: Points of contact Duo (Gaby Bultmann - Ganassi flute, Annunziata Dellisanti - marimba)
audio 1: recorded on 5/6/1995 - Venezia
audio 2: recorded on 25/4/1996 - Berlin

Vértigo sin fondo, el tiempo....

for: orchestra 
duration: 9’30’’ 
detailed instrumentation:3(fl. in sol).3.3 (clB).3. - - 3 perc. - harp - gran piano without cover - divided strings (

...leggere la grafia delle nuvole...

(upon a verse by Zbigniew Herbert)
for: piano and percussions
duration: about 7’30'' 
commission: riPercussioni a Venezia - IV Rassegna
dedication: a Kiki e Caterina, Vestali della Musica Contemporanea 
first performance: Venezia, Palazzo Mocenigo - S. Stae, 23/2/1996 
performers: Caterina Marcuglia - piano, Annunziata Dellisanti - percussioni

Hommage à Escher

for: piano
duration: about 5' 30''


Performance for walking public
Multimedial route for Percussions, Action Painting and Projectors
for: percussions (free choice) 
duration: about 45’ 
commission: Teatro a l'Avogaria, Venezia
first performance: Venezia, Corte Zappa, Carmini bell tower and Teatro a l’Avogaria, 24/5/1995 
performers: Annunziata Dellisanti – percussions, Flavio Bertini - action painting, Gianfranco Iannuzzi - images and direction

Le barricate misteriose (Hommage à Couperin)

for: 12 cellos
duration: about 9’ 
commission: “Orchestra Villa-Lobos” of Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
dedication: Alla dolce memoria di Teodora Campagnaro che mi commissionò questo brano per la sua Orchestra di Violoncelli

Omaggio a Kavafis

theme and varied fantasy from the incidental music for Phonés (Voci) directed by Stefano Pagin
for: guitar
duration: about 4' 
commission: "Sonopolis" – Teatro La Fenice of Venice 
first performance: Venezia, Chiesa di San Samuele, 14/11/1995 
performer: Dario Bisso

Querela pacis

for: orchestra
duration: about 11’ 
detailed instrumentation: - - 3 perc. - strings also divided


for: 2 percussionists
I perc.: vibraphone
II perc.: glockenspiel, marimba, wind chimes, 3 suspended cymbals, 1 Chinese cymbal, 3 tam-tams (large, medium, small)
duration: 10'
dedication: A Kiki Dellisanti, Grande Sacerdotessa delle Percussioni e Grande Madre di fantastici Percussionisti

Sacks' pieces

for: string quartet (1994-95)
duration: about 18’ 
dedication: to Oliver Sacks and to his patients
first performance: "Nuove Musiche d'Europa IX° Edition" - Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 26/10/2013
performers: Roberto Baraldi, Aldo Tatone – violins, Daniel Formentelli – viola, Alessandro Zanardi - cello

Songes ou rêves?

for: ensemble with percussions 
duration: 9’  
detailed instrumentation: - - 1 perc. - harp - piano - strings (

...troppo pochi luminosi crepuscoli...

(upon a verse by Zbigniew Herbert)
for: flute, harp and cello 
duration: 7’
first performance: Venezia, Teatro a l’Avogaria, 23/1/1996 
performers: Salzedo Trio (Serena Badoer - flauto, Sabrina Strozzi - harp, Elena Borgo - cello)


for: violin and piano
duration: about 8’


text: a poem by William Wordsworth
for: female or white voices choir
duration: 2’30’’ 
commission: “The Madrigal Singers” Manila, Philippines

Ricercare (Concert for violin and orchestra)

for: violin and orchestra
duration: about 12' 
detailed instrumentation: 2.(pic.)2.2.2(cfg) - - 3 perc. - harp - celesta/keyboard glockenspiel - strings also divided (

Variazioni per archi

12 Variations for string orchestra on a theme by Galuppi
duration: about 13’ 
commission: “I Virtuosi dell’Ensemble di Venezia” 
first performance: Venezia, Chiesa della Pietà - Festival Vivaldi, 31/5/1997 
performers: I Virtuosi dell'Ensemble di Venezia

Woher und wohin?

text: Simon Frug
for: soprano, alto and orchestra
duration: 16'30'' 
detailed instrumentation: - - 4 perc. - harp - grand piano without cover - divided strings (


for: string quartet 
duration: about 10’ 
dedication: Al Quartetto Paul Klee
first performance: Venezia, Chiesa di San Samuele, 15/6/1998 
performers: Paul Klee String Quartet (Alessandro Fagiuoli, Stefano Antonello, Andrea Amendola, Luca Paccagnella)


duo for: Ganassi flute (or alto flute or bass flute) and 1 percussionist (vibraphone, Chinese cymbal, wind chimes)
duration: about 5'
commission: Points of contact Duo
dedication: A Gaby Bultmann e Kiki Dellisanti
first performance: Genova, Goethe Institut, 8/11/1998
performers: Points of contact Duo (Gaby Bultmann - Ganassi flute, Annunziata Dellisanti - percussions)

Woher und wohin?

text: Simon Frug 
for: soprano and string quartet
duration: about 7’
commission: Cristina Mantese

Cinque pezzi per organo

for: organ
duration: about 9' 
commission: Fondazione Adkins Chiti "Donne in Musica" for Jubilee 2000


version for vibraphone (and voice of the performer ad libitum)
text: the verbal forms "Forget, forgot, forgotten" 
duration: about 5'
commission: Venezia Nuova Musica
first performance: THETIS, Arsenale Novissimo di Venezia, 9th of May 1999
performer: Antonio Ceravolo - vibraphone and voice


for: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and tenor sax
duration: 1’30’’ 
commission: "I Biscromatici’, Foligno

Reflected lights

for: flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, piano and percussions (crotales fa5-fa7 touched by double-bass bow, wind chimes, gong, suspended metal sheet or suspended deep cymbal or tam-tam) 
duration: about 8'30'' 
dedication: In memoria di Angela De Girolami

Dancing around the sun

text: Emily Dickinson
for: mezzosoprano, flute, clarinet, two pianos and percussions  
duration: about 7’30” 
commission: "Donne in Musica" - Section of Venice
dedication: to the McNiel Family 
first performance: Venezia, Fondazione Cini, Sala degli Arazzi, 22/6/2000 
performers: Ensemble Donne in Musica di Venezia

Favoletta, Frutta erbaggi, Guarda là quella vezzosa

text: poems by Umberto Saba
for: female or white voices choir 
duration: about 9'

American Songs (3 Love songs): Day after day, Love's Shadows, Thank you for all

(drafts for a Musical)
texts: Maria Gabriella Zen
for: voice and piano 
duration: 7' 30" 
dedication: to Dale McNiel
recorded at Condulmer Studio, Mogliano (Tv) - April 2002 
Daniela Benori - soprano, Enza Ferrari - piano


(from the incidental music for Due Dialoghi: Parlamento e Bilora by Ruzante, directed by Damiano Michieletto)
for: double bass
duration: about 5'40'' 
first performance: Venezia, Teatrino Groggia, 12/4/2003 
performer: Stefano Sciascia
audio: recorded at Condulmer Studio at Mogliano Veneto (TV) in January 2003 by Stefano Sciascia

...un cessar dei venti, un letto ed un sonno all'ansia...

for: string trio, in commentary on Trio Op.9 N°3 by L. van Beethoven
duration: about 5' 
commission: Triodellarco, Venezia 
first performance: Rovigo, Palazzo Venezze, 29/9/2003 
performers: Triodellarco (Sara Michieletto - violin, Paolo Pasoli - viola, Nicola Boscaro - cello)

In der Wüste

text: T.S. Eliot and Isaia
for: mezzosoprano, alto and 3 percussionists 
duration: 13' 30" 
commission: ZIEL 1 = KUNST = ZIEL 1 - EU workshop for European artists 2003, Oslip (Austria) 2nd - 12th October 2003
dedication: a Gianfranco e Màrta de Bosio 
first performance: Oslip (Austria), Grosser Saal Cselley-Muehle, 11th October 2003 
performers: Sonja Treuer - mezzosoprano, Elena Suvorova - contralto, Thomas Ritter, Michael Vida, Hanyin Mo – percussions

11 - Eleven (Pax, luminosa Pax)

Suite by 11 European composers: XI° Fragment - Finale
for: alto, flute, clarinet, trombone, violin and  percussions 
duration: 1'40" 
commission: MEP Christa Prets on occasion of the Enlargement of UE 
first performance; Eisenstadt, Burgenlaendische Landesgalerie Esterhàzy, 28/4/2004 
performers: Birgit Fluch – flute, Denitsa Laffchieva – clarinet, Antonia-Alexa Georgiew – violin, Sandor Vigh – trombone, Rita Skultety – percussions, Elena Suvorova – alto, Gerhard Krammer – conductor

Canto ventitreesimo

text: from 23rd Canto of Inferno by Dante Alighieri 
for: soprano, alto, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, tuba and 2 percussionists 
duration: 5'30'' 
commission: Conservatorio di Rovigo for “Malebolge: una Festa – Tredici all’Infinito” 
first performance: Rovigo, Museo dei Grandi Fiumi, 6/6/2004 
performers: Tiziana Scandaletti – soprano, Donatella Vigato - alto, Gabriella Melli – flute, Michele Scipioni – clarinets, Alessandro Ballarin – tuba, Nunzio Dicorato and Alberto Zamana – percussions

Der Schützengel als Begleiter des Menschen

Variations on the theme of the Passacaglia from the Sonata XVI by H.I.F. von Biber
for: violin 
duration: 5'40" 
commission: Fondo Ambiente Italiano - Section of Venice
dedication: "A Curtolo Gisella, Violinista brava e bella!" 
first performance: FAI Summer Concert - Venezia, Chiesa di San Salvador, 21/6/2004 
performer: Gisella Curtolo
Audio: live recorded on 21/6/2004
Video taken from Professors Concerts of Conservatorio J. Tomadini di Udine / Prof.ssa Gisella Curtolo streamed on the 23rd of July 2020.
Complete video of the concert easily accessible at

Wie aus der Ferne (Omaggio a György Ligeti)

for: string quartet
duration: about 8' 
first performance: "Nuove Musiche d'Europa - V Edition"  Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 18/4/2009 
performers: Quartetto d'archi del Teatro La Fenice (Roberto Baraldi, Gianaldo Tatone - violins, Daniel Formentelli - viola, Emanuele Silvestri - cello)

Canzona Magnetica

for: septet (violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, bassoon and horn) 
duration: about 9'
commission: Nuove Musiche d'Europa - II Edition
first performance: Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 10/4/2006
performers: Septet "I Virtuosi della Fenice", Gerhard Krammer - conductor


A meditation on Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem
for: octet (violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, bassoon, horn and percussions) 
duration: 5'30" 
commission: MEP Christa Prets
first performance: Oslip (Austria) Cselley Muehle, 10/6/2006 
performers: Ensemble of the F. J. Haydn Conservatory of Eisenstadt

Variazione su tema di Mozart K481

for: flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello, piano, vibraphone and tam-tam 
duration: 2' 40" 
commission: Festival Spaziomusica, Cagliari
first performance: Cagliari, Cripta di San Domenico, 16/11/2006 
performers: Ensemble “Palestrina” (Federico Bresciani - violin, Fabio Mureddu - cello, Christian Cassinelli - piano, Roberto Pellegrini - percussions, Roberta Cassinelli - clarinet, Salvatore Saba - flute, Riccardo Leone - Conductor)
audio live recorded (Tema by Mozart K481 and Variazione) live recorded on 16/11/2006

Variazioni Curtolo

on the theme Happy birthday to you 
for: two violins (or violin and viola), piano, three (or more!) 'budding' percussionists and family choir
perc: triangle, pot lids, drum (or any other instrument!)
duration: about 8'30''
dedication: ad Augusto Curtolo nel giorno del suo 80° compleanno
first performance: Ristorante Passo Giau (Cortina d'Ampezzo) 28/1/2006
performers: Gisella e Giampaolo Curtolo - violins, Angelo Curtolo - piano, Alessandro, Francesca e Federico Curtolo - percussions

Die Linien des Lebens...

for octet: violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet in Bb, bassoon, horn and percussions 
duration: about 10'  
commission: Nuove Musiche d'Europa - III Edition
first performance: Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 17/3/2007 
performers: Septet "I Virtuosi della Fenice" and Annunziata Dellisanti (percussions), Gerhard Krammer - conductor

La Cifra del Nulla

Happening for 2 pianists on a gran piano and 1 superpercussionist 
duration: about 6' 
dedication: alla poetessa Rossana Abis in occasione della pubblicazione del suo omonimo libro

Acedia (Hommage à Schubert)

for: piano, violin and cello 
duration: 8'40" 
commission: ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk) 
first performance: Wien, ORF RadioKulturhaus Großer Sendesaal, 12/3/2008 
performers: Haydn Trio Eisenstadt (Verena Stourzh - violin, Hannes Gradwohl - cello, Harald Kosik - piano)

Come in uno specchio

for: piano (and narrator ad libitum)
duration: about 13' 
commission: “Europe Direct –”  for the Performance "Donne d'Europa in letteratura e musica: la musica incontra la poesia" 
first performance: Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 10/5/2008 
performers: Caterina Marcuglia - piano, Margherita Stevanato - reciting voice

Sette fantasie

Variations on Così fan tutte by W. A. Mozart
for: piano
duration: about 8' 
commission: Donne in Musica - Section of Venice 
first performance: Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 10/9/2008
performers: Caterina Marcuglia - piano, Margherita Stevanato - reading Lorenzo Da Ponte's verses

Ultime rime d'amore

melologue from Gaspara Stampa's Canzoniere for Bartolomeo Zen
for: narrator and orchestra
duration: about 13' 
commission: Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano - Teatro Dal Verme
detailed instrumentation: - - 2 perc. - strings also divided ( 
dedication: al M° Gianni Tangucci 
first performance: Milano, Teatro Dal Verme, 6/11/2008 
performers: Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali, Stanley Dodds - conductor, Stefania Felicioli - narrator


text: by Konstantinos Kavafis
for: cellos ensemble and voice ad libitum
duration: 5' 
commission: Venice Cellos Ensemble
dedication: Dono per accompagnare il viaggio di Enrico Egano 
first performance: Venezia, Sala Concerti del Conservatorio - Palazzo Pisani 21/5/2010 
performers: Orsola Bollettini - soprano, Venice Cellos Ensemble, 1st cello and Conductor - Angelo Zanin
publisher: Ed. ARS PUBLICA – AP 00554 M
Audio recorded during the concert of 1st December 20015 at Ateneo Veneto in Venezia
Venice Cellos Ensemble, reciting voices - Tazio Brunetta (Greek text) and Francesco di Giorgio (Italian translation), 1st cello and  Conductor - Angelo Zanin

Chronos parádoksos

opera in two acts (2007-2009, rev. 2010) 
Libretto by Gianfranco de Bosio and Maria Gabriella Zen, GIACOMO MATTEOTTI PRIZE 2012 of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
duration: 1h 45'
singers:  2S, 2Ms, 2C, 2T, 2Bar.,2B. The 12 Soloists are also in the Chorus
detailed instrumentation: 2(also pic. and Bfl.).2 (Engl. horn).2(clB).2(cfg).- 2 (+ 2 ad lib. in 3° Episodio).2(also in do).1(+2 ad lib. in 3° Episodio).1. - 4 perc.- piano (also celesta) - harp - strings also divided ( 
dedication: Alla memoria dei miei Genitori, Giovanna Luminoso e Giovanni Zen, in omaggio alla Loro profonda cultura e alla Loro dirittura morale

Chronos par
ádoksos is the fruit of RESTLESS RELATIONS project, winner of the EACEA (European Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) call n°09/2006 of UE Cultural Programme 2007-2013 for a new opera choosing as a theme "the transmission of the European cultural identity" 

Published in Ca' Foscari University open access site 

In the section VIDEO are available the full reading of the libretto in Italian language (Actors of School Piccolo Teatro di Milano directed by Gianfranco de Bosio, Verona 2oth of March 2011) and a scenic reading (Actors of Accademia Teatrale Veneta, adaptation and direction by Nicoletta Maragno, Venezia 23rd of May 2017) 

Don Giovanni, variazioni sul mito

Seven variations on Là ci darem la mano 
texts by Euripides, Heine, Leopardi and Rilke 
for: female choir, 4 percussionists and organ in a faraway room
duration: about 21' 
dedication: a Gianfranco de Bosio e Gianni Tangucci, con riconoscenza e affetto
commission: Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia 
first performance: Opening of 54° Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea della Biennale, Venezia, Palazzo Pisani, 23/9/2010 
performers: Coro del Teatro La Fenice (Maestro del Coro Claudio Marino Moretti), Ensemble di percussioni di Venezia (Annunziata Dellisanti, Roberto Barbieri, Matteo Modolo, Andrea Dal Bianco), Micole and Serena Munari – organ, Alvise Mason - organ registrant, Maria Gabriella Zen - conductor

Il Regno dei Fanes

text by Maria Gabriella Zen from Ladin legends  and letters from the war front (1915-1917) by Giuseppe and Eugenio Garrone 
video by Margot Galante Garrone from photos by Giuseppe, Eugenio Garrone and Luigi Galante 
for: narrator, soprano, flute/bass flute and two percussionists 
duration: 25'
dedication: a Rita e Renzo De Girolami e al loro maso ospitale  
first performance: Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 22/1/2010 
performers: Savino Liuzzi - narrator, Orsola Bollettini – soprano, Francesca Cescon – flute/bass flute, Kiki Dellisanti and Andrea Dal Bianco – percussions


for: 8 voices female (or children) choir 
text: Canticum Beatae Mariae Virginis (Luc. I, 46-55) 
duration: about 8' 
dedication: Al Coro Femminile del Teatro La Fenice e al suo grande Maestro Claudio Marino Moretti in ricordo del successo della Biennale Musica 2010

Motus in fine velocior

for: three percussionists 
duration: about 7' 
commission: Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello di Venezia on occasion of   Suona Italiano Festival 2011  (repeat performance at the Auditorium of Strasbourg Conservatory on 5/12/2011)
dedication: alla cara memoria di Don Bruno Bertoli 
first performance: Venezia, Sala Concerti del Conservatorio, 22/11/2011 
performers: Ensemble di Percussioni del Conservatorio di Venezia (Annunziata Dellisanti, Andrea Dal Bianco, Alessio Ghezzi)

Tre canti natalizi

for: female (or white voices) choir and percussions
duration: about 9'
dedication: al magico Maestro Ulisse Trabacchin
commission: Fondazione Teatro La Fenice di Venezia 
first performance: Venezia, Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, 19/12/2012 
performers: Coro Femminile del Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, Matteo Modolo - percussions, Maestro del Coro and Conductor - Claudio Marino Moretti
publisher: ED. ARS PUBLICA – AP 00706 M

Canzona a tre

(on a theme by Giovanni Gabrieli)
for: alto flute, cello and percussions 
duration: about 4'30'' 
commission: Fondazione Teatro La Fenice for "Lo Spirito della Musica di Venezia 2013" Festival
first performance: Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro la Fenice, Maratona per Bruno - 37 new pieces of Italian composers in honour of Bruno Maderna for the 40th death anniversary, 6/7/2013 
Performers: Ex Novo Ensemble (Daniele Ruggeri – alto flute, Carlo Teodoro – cello, Dario Savron – percussions

Tre frammenti da 'Stabat Mater' di Tiziano Scarpa

for: soprano and vibraphone 
duration: about 4' 
commission: Fondazione Teatro La Fenice for "Lo Spirito della Musica di Venezia 2014" Festival
first performance: Venezia, Sale Apollinee del Teatro La Fenice, 11/7/2014 
performers: Sonia Visentin – soprano, Didier Bellon – vibraphone 

Adeste Fideles in stille Nacht

for: two violins (wayfarers)
duration: about 2'30'' 
commission: Ex Novo Ensemble 
first performance: Mestre "Music Mob – La Fenice on the road" 19/12/ 2015 
performers: Carlo Lazari and Paola Carraro
Video registration kindly done at Lazari House by Carlo Lazari and Paola Carraro on the 24th of April 2020

Favole al telefono (The Young Person's Guide to the Percussions)

12 Variations on Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman! - (The Young Person's Guide to the Percussions)
Melologue on texts by Gianni Rodari
for: narrator's voice and four percussionists (very good!)
duration: about 60' 
commission: Amici della Musica di Foligno
dedication: Ai fantastici 4 Tetraktis
first performance: Foligno, Auditorium San Domenico, 1/5/2015 
performers: Michele Nani - narrator, Tetraktis Percussioni (Gianni Maestrucci, Laura Mancini, Leonardo Ramadori, Gianluca Saveri)

Nugunìm on ancient Jewish songs

for: cellos ensemble
duration: about 7'30''  
commission: Venice Cellos Ensemble on occasion of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the Venice's Ghetto
first perfomance: Lido di Venezia, Chiostro di San Nicolò, 8/5/2016 
performers: Venice Cellos Ensemble, Angelo Zanin 1st cello and Conductor


12 variations on the theme Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman!
for  5 percussionists 
duration: 20' 
commission: Percussion Class of Conservatory of Venezia on occasion of the 8th Edition of Festivalpercussioni 2017 
first performance: Campobasso, Auditorium ex Gil, 5/5/2017 
performers: Ensemble di Percussioni del Conservatorio di Venezia, Annunziata Dellisanti - Conductor

O sgouros vasilikòs

for: piano 
duration: 3' 
commission: Technopolis - Atene for An Italian book of Greek songs: 26 pieces of Italian composers on themes of Greek popular melodies 
dedication: to Riccardo Vaglini
first performance: Athens, Tecnopolis, Aerofilakio 1, Anfiteatro, 13/4/2018 
performer: Riccardo Vaglini

Viola che vola I, II, III

for: viola (and shadow of a piano ad libitum)
duration: 10' 10'' 
dedication: to Samuele Scarpa
written for the  #Fai volare la tua musica  Rockol/Alitalia Contest 
Audio recorded by Daniele Frison at Zen's place on the 10th of December 2018
performers: Samuele Scarpa - viola, Maria Gabriella Zen - piano

Variazioni e Corale sulla Follia

for: string orchestra 
duration: about 13' 
commission: ESTA Foundation - Liebefeld (CH)
first performance: Cremona, Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi del Museo del Violino on the occasion of the Opening Concert of the 47th International European String Teachers Association Conference, 27/4/2019  
performers: ESTA String Orchestra 2019
Video recorded on the 2nd of May 2019 at Sala Maffeiana of the Teatro Filarmonico in Verona 
In the section  VIDEO  are also available the recordings of the General Rehearsal (Villa San Fermo, Lonigo, 26th of April 2019), of the Cremona Concert (27th of April 2019), of the Concert at Chiesa della Pietà in Venezia (1st of May 2019) 

3'43'' (Le Percussioni di Venezia nel Giorno di San Marco 2020)

Video recorded in Venezia, St. Mark Square around 8 p.m., on 25th of April 2020
performers:  the ropes of the flagpoles without flags beaten by the wind against metal rods, Mori's Clocktower, the bells of the Churches, the voices of the birds replacing those of the human beings, locked down in their own cages

Natale digitale 2020: Albero di Fabrizio Plessi

This year like never before the entire world is longing for the return of the Light...
Video recorded on the 24th of December by Daniele Frison in Venice (Riva degli Schiavoni and Piazza San Marco enriched by Fabrizio Plessi's Tree)
for: percussions
duration: 2'40''
performer: Annunziata (Kiki) Dellisanti - percussions


Music for the soundtrack of the documentary film IL MONDO DI RICCARDO Domenico Riccardo Peretti Griva Fotografo e Magistrato directed by Daniele Frison produced by Kublai Film s.r.l.
for: ebony flute, bass flute, dobachi, vibraphone and gong 
duration: about 2'

L' arco immaginifico

Video by Tempe Hernandez
Visual design camera applied to the bow of Gisella Curtolo's violin playing  my Der Schützengel als Begleiter des Menschen (2004)
Editing: Tempe Hernandez e Tomas Gasulla

Omaggio a Varèse

for 13 percussionists
duration: around 4'30'' 
commission: Conservatoy of Music "Benedetto Marcello" of Venezia
dedicated to Kiki Dellisanti in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the first Italian chair of Percussion
first performance: Venezia, Concert Hall of the Conservatory "Benedetto Marcello" 25/3/2023
Conductor: Eddy De Fanti
Percussion ensemble: Roberto Barbieri, Paolo Busolin, Paride Ceolin, Lorenzo Delle Vedove, Annunziata Dellisanti, Sara Faggian, Simone Ferretto, Alberto Gonzales, Simone Grassi, Giuseppe Leonardi, Alessandro Lupatin, Riccardo Vendramin, Andrea Marinelli


for vibraphone
duration: about 4'
dedicated to Luigi Nono, on occasion of his 100th birthday
Inserted in IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library on 2024/2/4
first performance: Venezia, Concert Hall of the Conservatory of Music "Benedetto Marcello", 4/4/2024
vibraphone: Annunziata Dellisanti


for vibraphone and pedal drum 29" prepared with 3 heavy bells (11", 9", 7") or 3 little splsh cymbals on the membrane
duration: about 4'
dedicated to M° Antonio Ceravolo, con riconoscenza per tanti preziosi consigli percussionistici!
first performance: Percussions' Day (Music Workshop involving students from Veneto and Friuli) Venezia, Sala Maderna of the Conservatory of Music "Benedetto Marcello", 31/5/2024
Paolo Busolin, vibraphone
Riccardo Vendramin, prepared pedal drum