Sonetto contra la moglie

text: Francesco Berni
for: four equal voices choir 
duration: about 5' 
(sent -vainly- to the 6th "Guido d'Arezzo" International Competition Contest)
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text: from The Book of Job 
for: soprano, alto, mixed chorus and orchestra
duration: about 22’ 
detailed instrumentation:  3.(picc.)2.2.2.- - 3 perc.- harp - divided strings (

Sette Cori

texts: fragments from Medea by Euripides
for: mixed choir
duration: about 10’
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Il paggio saggio

theatrical action for children
text: "STO" (Sergio Tofano) 
for: narrator, soloist white voice,  white voices choir and children orchestra
duration: about 50'
detailed instrumentation: (possible doubling) - (possible doubling) - many percussionists  (celesta, xilophone, vibraphone, 4 timpani, triangle, 2 drums, 5 tin drums, 4 horses hoofs, suspended cymbal, gong, bass drum) - harp - piano - strings (no double - bass)


text: a poem by William Wordsworth
for: female or white voices choir
duration: 2’30’’ 
commission: “The Madrigal Singers” Manila, Philippines
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Favoletta, Frutta erbaggi, Guarda là quella vezzosa

text: poems by Umberto Saba
for: female or white voices choir 
duration: about 9'
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Variazioni Curtolo

on the theme Happy birthday to you 
for: two violins (or violin and viola), piano, three (or more!) 'budding' percussionists and family choir
perc: triangle, pot lids, drum (or any other instrument!)
duration: about 8'30''
dedication: ad Augusto Curtolo nel giorno del suo 80° compleanno
first performance: Ristorante Passo Giau (Cortina d'Ampezzo) 28/1/2006
performers: Gisella e Giampaolo Curtolo - violins, Angelo Curtolo - piano, Alessandro, Francesca e Federico Curtolo - percussions 
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Don Giovanni, variazioni sul mito

Seven variations on Là ci darem la mano 
texts by Euripides, Heine, Leopardi and Rilke 
for: female choir, 4 percussionists and organ in a faraway room
perc.: glockenspiel, antique cymbals (do5 -do7), xilophone, 2 vibraphone, bass marimba , pedal drum  29' with 3 heavy bells 11', 9', 7' (or 3 small splash cymbals) on the membrane, wind chimes (if possible two rows), Chinese cymbal, suspended cymbals, tamtams (at least 3 deep ones), 1 water tam-tam
duration: 21' circa
dedication: a Gianfranco de Bosio e Gianni Tangucci, con riconoscenza e affetto
commission: Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia
first performance: Opening of 54° Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea della Biennale, Venezia, Palazzo Pisani, 23/9/2010 
performers: Coro del Teatro La Fenice (Maestro del Coro Claudio Marino Moretti), Ensemble di percussioni di Venezia (Annunziata Dellisanti, Roberto Barbieri, Matteo Modolo, Andrea Dal Bianco), Micole and Serena Munari – organ, Alvise Mason - organ registrant, Maria Gabriella Zen - conductor
Pdf of the full score, audio live recorded and Press review available in the general section CATALOG OF WORKS


for: 8 voices female (or children) choir 
text: Canticum Beatae Mariae Virginis (Luc. I, 46-55) 
duration: about 8' 
dedication: Al Coro Femminile del Teatro La Fenice e al suo grande Maestro Claudio Marino Moretti in ricordo del successo della Biennale Musica 2010
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Tre canti natalizi

for: female (or white voices) choir and percussions
perc.: glockenspiel, vibraphone, wind chimes (with the most delicate color possible) or sleigh bells, 3 suspended cymbals of different sizes
duration: about 9'
dedication: al magico Maestro Ulisse Trabacchin
commission: Fondazione Teatro La Fenice di Venezia 
first performance: Venezia, Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, 19/12/2012 
performers: Coro Femminile del Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, Matteo Modolo - percussions, Maestro del Coro and Conductor - Claudio Marino Moretti
publisher: ED. ARS PUBLICA – AP 00706 M