Con lievi mani (otto haiku)

for: small orchestra 
duration: about 13'
detailed instrumentation: 1.1.2(clB).0.- - pedal drums - celesta - harp - strings


text: from The Book of Job 
for: soprano, alto, mixed chorus and orchestra
duration: about 22’ 
detailed instrumentation:  3(picc.).2.2.2.- - 3 perc.- harp - divided strings (

Il paggio saggio

theatrical action for children
text: "STO" (Sergio Tofano) 
for: narrator, soloist white voice,  white voices choir and children orchestra
duration: about 50'
detailed instrumentation: (possible doubling) - (possible doubling) - many percussionists  (celesta, xilophone, vibraphone, 4 timpani, triangle, 2 drums, 5 tin drums, 4 horses hoofs, suspended cymbal, gong, bass drum) - harp - piano - strings (no double - bass)

Seven Songs

text: poems by Emily Dickinson
for: soprano and orchestra 
duration: 12’  
detailed instrumentation: 3.(3° also Picc.) 4.2.2. - 4 perc. - celesta - 2 harps - divided strings

Woher und wohin?

text: Simon Frug
for: soprano, baritone and orchestra
duration: 11' 
detailed instrumentation: 3(alto).2.4(clB, clCB).1(cfg) - - 4 perc. - celesta - 2 harps - divided strings (

VĂ©rtigo sin fondo, el tiempo....

for: orchestra 
duration: 9’30’’ 
detailed instrumentation:3(fl. in sol).3.3 (clB).3. - - 3 perc. - harp - gran piano without cover - divided strings (

Querela pacis

for: orchestra
duration: about 11’ 
detailed instrumentation: - - 3 perc. - strings also divided 
Pdf of orchestral score available in the general section CATALOG OF WORKS

Ricercare (Concert for violin and orchestra)

for: violin and orchestra
duration: about 12' 
detailed instrumentation: 2.(pic.)2.2.2(cfg) - - 3 perc. - harp - celesta/keyboard glockenspiel - strings also divided (

Variazioni per archi

12 Variations for string orchestra on a theme by Galuppi
duration: about 13’ 
commission: “I Virtuosi dell’Ensemble di Venezia” 
first performance: Venezia, Chiesa della Pietà - Festival Vivaldi, 31/5/1997 
performers: I Virtuosi dell'Ensemble di Venezia

Woher und wohin?

text: Simon Frug
for: soprano, alto and orchestra
duration: about 16'30'' 
detailed instrumentation: - - 4 perc. - harp - grand piano without cover - divided strings (

Ultime rime d'amore

melologue from Gaspara Stampa's Canzoniere for Bartolomeo Zen
for: narrator and orchestra
duration: about 13' 
commission: Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano - Teatro Dal Verme
detailed instrumentation: - - 2 perc. - strings also divided ( 
dedication: al M° Gianni Tangucci 
first performance: Milano, Teatro Dal Verme, 6/11/2008 
performers: Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali, Stanley Dodds - conductor, Stefania Felicioli - narrator
Audio, introduction and concert programme available in the general section CATALOG OF WORKS

Variazioni e Corale sulla Follia

for: string orchestra 
duration: about 13' 
commission: ESTA Foundation- Liebefeld (CH)
first performance: Cremona, Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi del Museo del Violino on the occasion of the Opening Concert of the 47th International European String Teachers Association Conference, 27/4/2019  
performers: ESTA String Orchestra 2019
Video recorded on the 2nd of May 2019 at Sala Maffeiana of the Teatro Filarmonico in Verona 
Pdf of full score and parts available in the general section CATALOG OF WORKS
In the section  VIDEO  are also available the recordings of the General Rehearsal (Villa San Fermo, Lonigo, 26th of April 2019), of the Cremona Concert (27th of April 2019), of the Concert at Chiesa della Pietà in Venezia (1st of May 2019)