Audiobook IL MILIONE by Marco Polo (2021)
Audiobook realized in order to celebrate 1600 years since the foundation of Venice and 750 years since Marco Polo started his journey to Far East (1271), thanks to the audiofiles of the DVD produced in 2008, with the support of Regione del Veneto, by Teatro Fondamenta Nuove of Venice, under the aegis of the National Committee for Celebrations of the 750° Anniversary of Marco Polo' s birth.
Museum of Art - Primrose Music, London, PRCD 058 (1993) contains three compositions from En autò for soprano, string quartet and percussions: Fluctuations, White shapes, Shout

Venezia Musica Nuova - collective CD by 7 venetian composers (2002) contains Cinque Lieder for soprano, piano and percussions (1993) Concorde Ensemble: Tine Verbeke - soprano, Jane O'Leary - piano, Richard O'Donnell - percussions. Live recorded on the 16th of May 1999, Dublin
11 - Eleven In Memory of the Victims of terror and war (2004) contains Pax, Luminosa Pax live recorded on the 8th of October 2004 during the inaugural concert to mark the opening of the new Sala Rossi in the rebuilt La Fenice Opera House - Venezia
Published by the Socialist Group in the European Parliament
The book WORKSHOPS 2001/2002/2003 has 2 CD in attachment (2003) Disc 2 contains In der Wüste for mezzo-soprano, alto and percussions, live recorded on the 11th of October 2003 at Oslip (Austria)
Published by “Ziel 1 = Kunst = Ziel 1” on the initiative of MEP Christa Prets
IL MILIONE by Marco Polo - Didactic DVD (2008): Full reading with ancient and modern maps of the journey
Artistic Direction by Gianfranco de Bosio
Music by Maria Gabriella Zen
Francesca Cescon, Emma Zen - flutes, Kiki Dellisanti, Fabio Munerotto - percussions
Published by Regione Veneto and Teatro Fondamenta Nuove of Venezia
Production Music

Production Music